The sound of a good meal

3 April 2013

What is the sound of a good meal? How can we describe it? Or know it when we hear it?

Fine dining

When a meal goes really well, at the end of a great day up the mountain, there is something in the sound of the guests chatter in the dining room that gives off a sense of everyone being really happy; of expectations being fulfilled.  It is the sound of a good meal.

It’s vey hard to define exactly what it is.  The pitch, the speed of conversation, the mixture of laughter, of stories shared and enjoyed, the ooohs and aaahs as different courses of the meal arrive, the punctuating quiet patches as chatter gives away to the serious business of eating.

It is very hard to describe or to really put your finger on, but when I am in the kitchen and hear the sound of the dining room in full swing of an excellent evening I recognise it immediately.  It is the sound that puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

All the boring stuff: the chopping, the peeling, the stuffing, the rolling, the grinding, the pouring over menus, the choosing of dishes and bowls, pepper grinders, candlesticks, all of the attention to all of these details is all made worthwhile by the sound of happy guests sharing a perfect evening.